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COSHH Essentials covers: COSHH Essentials does not cover:
Liquid and solid chemicals Other process fume - eg. welding
Mixtures of chemicals Other process dust - eg. quarry dust
Some process dust and fumes Pesticides and veterinary medicines
  - wood dust and flour Lead, asbestos or gases
  - foundry, rubber and some     soldering fumes  
In future, we plan to add some of these substances to the system and also cover chemical safety and protecting the environment.
Other reading (free)
Working with asbestos in buildings INDG289
A short guide to managing asbestos in premises INDG223(rev3)
Other reading (priced)
Introduction to asbestos essentials. Comprehensive guidance on working with asbestos in the building maintenance and allied trades HSG213 ISBN 0 7176 1901 X
Asbestos essentials task manual. Task guidance sheets for the building, maintenance and allied trades HSG210 ISBN 0 7176 1887 0
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